brewery!? Yoga?!

Yes Please.

Beer goes well with anything

We plan to combine our unique passions for craft beer and yoga with the community we love.  Our award winning beers and comprehensive approach to the yoga lifestyle will offer the highest quality experience each time you walk through our doors.

Our Plan & Place

In 2017, we started working on a business plan and looking for a location where we could make our dream a reality. In the summer of 2019 we fell in love with the old car dealership at 302 State St. and began working out the details. We learned that the building began life as a Nash Motors Dealership in the 1940’s and was later home to a Volkswagen dealership. This lends a bit of an “art moderne” flair to the old showroom where the yoga studio will be centered. Some of the original architectural features will be retained in the renovations.

We will divide the 5000 sq. ft. facility between the brewery, the taproom, and the yoga studio. With the possibility to expand into an additional 4000 sq. ft., this will be the permanent home of Gasper Brewing Co. and BG Flow Yoga. With a lot of work and a little luck we think it will be perfect.

Our Beers

We specialize in all types of Stouts, Pale, Amber, and Brown Ales. We will also offer beer styles from around the world and will collaborate with the best in the industry to give our customers variety and provide something for all palates and preferences.

Our Impact

Besides bringing amazing, unique, and highly drinkable craft beer to the area, we also hope to enrich the neighborhood where we will be located and spark growth in the local economy. We have been developing relationships with other local businesses to coordinate events, tastings, pairings, music events, etc. As the business flourishes we will also be looking to participate in philanthropic initiatives and different ways we can give back to the community.

It is our goal to introduce the people of Bowling Green and Western Kentucky to styles of beer and yoga that aren’t currently found in the area. We will offer a combination of original Gasper Brewing beers and an ever-changing assortment of guest taps. We also plan to introduce multiple entertainment options for taproom guests. Speaking of the taproom, this is where YOU come in!